Neon Makeup

Neon and fluorescents have entered our lives to fill them with colour and shine, even in the darkness. With this florescent make-up you’ll shine at your next party. And we mean literally shine, because we’re taking about glow in the dark make-up! You’ll be the talk of the party and everyone will want a little bit of your florescent make-up. If you like glitter and florescent colours, then there’s nothing more to say - choose your favourite colour: orange, yellow, pink, blue ... or opt for a set of different colours. And the best part is that we have florescent make-up for your face, eyes, and body. We’ve also got other accessories like florescent nails that you can stick on to make your hands shine. This florescent make-up is perfect for dressing up as a clown, a vampire, or other characters that light up on Halloween. We’re sure everyone will be super excited to see you!  Don’t hesitate, if you want to surprise all your friends at your next party, grab a set of florescent make-up and shine!
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