Geeky mugs

Your coffee mornings will be a lot more fun with these incredible original geeky mugs! We have all styles of mug merchandise from your favourite movies, series, videogames and characters. Harry Potter mugs so that you can start your day off in the most magical way, from Rick & Morty to alleviate the effects of travelling across dimensions all night long, superhero mugs with their symbols and colours to recharge your batteries, to videogame mugs to have something to hand to drink during the match... And also jugs and mugs from Game of Thrones so that you can toast at any wedding (which will hopefully end differently to the red wedding). We even have the most adorable mug of them all, Chip from The Beauty and The Beast mug! A steaming coffee, a hot chocolate...even a dessert and delicious mug cake. In your geeky mug you will be able to have what you want while showing you are a super fan. Because only a true fan knows that at Funidelia we have the most original merchandise mugs.
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