halloween costumes for women

You will be terrifying with these magnificent Halloween costumes for women! Prepare yourself for the most terrifying night of the year with these Halloween costumes for women made for your size. If you like classic Halloween outfits such as witches or vampires, at Funidelia you will find the greatest catalogue of Halloween costumes for girls. We even have the most sexy Halloween outfits so that your costume fills you with fear. If you like to be the bad girl from the films, you will be able to transform yourself into the misunderstood villain that you have always wanted to be with a Maleficent costume, Snow White's step mother or the Harley Quinn costume. If you have more of a thing for romance there is nothing better than a Catrina Halloween outfit for ladies, the mexican skull from the Day of the Dead will be your best choice. It goes without saying that the most terrifying monsters and legends have come from the Terror cinema. Out of all of these you will find a women's costume from our catalogue: Freddy Krueger, Jason from Friday 13th, Beetlejuice, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or the very Corpse Bride. Choose your Halloween costume and scare them to death!

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Beyond scary with these terrifying Halloween costumes for women

We have the best ideas for your Halloween costume for women. From the most classic women's Halloween costumes such as witches, vampires, zombies, pumpkins or skeletons, to characters from horror movies with thousands of options to scare all on Halloween night. But if dressing up is your passion and you don't know what Halloween costume for women to choose... you can always choose the "zombie version" of the most original costumes, like the zombie cheerleader, the nurse of death outfit, the vudu doll or the pirate of the seven hells. You and your friends will be able to complete your Halloween costumes for girls with some good Halloween make-up, a little blood and wounds here and there... and you will scare the whole neighbourhood!