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Police Costume and Accessories.

Stick your hands up! Its the police. And to be a good policeman or woman you need a uniform. That's why you can't miss out on our selection of police uniforms which you can use to chase thieves and criminals, playing "police and criminal". With your police costume you could become a man of the law, a traffic warden, a brave police man with a SWAT outfit, or even a sexy police agent. For Halloween you could let your more scary side loose with a zombie police man costume and in the same way children can live their dream of becoming secret agents. We have costumes for them too. They will look adorable as the police! The police should also carry the recommended weapons with them and all the accessories they need to be able to keep law in order, and what you carry will compliment your costume with your police badge, gun, assault rifle, glasses, hat, handcuffs, walkie talkie and bullet proof vest. Ready to catch evil! The costumes are perfect to organise a group costume party which could include some police and thief costumes to be able to have a whale of a time at the next Carnival, themed party, hen party or stag party. Don't think about it any more, go and discover all the policeman costumes that we have in our online catalogue at Funidelia. You can shout with your hands in the air in front of all those who put themselves in your way. You will be the best defender of what is good and you will be able to fight against the bad!