Mime Costumes

Mime art is a creative form of expression that started in ancient Greece. A mime artist uses gestures to communicate and tell stories. These mime costumes will get your body gesturing in no time. The classic mime usually wears a white and black striped t-shirt and paints his face white. Slightly similar to clowns, mimes wear simpler clothing that offers less distractions so that their gestures have all of the attention. Our online catalog presents mime costumes in different styles: zombie, classic, elegant, second skin suits or clown costumes. Complete your look with white makeup or a mime mask and remember: use your hands and body to tell the stories you want to tell. No talking allowed!

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Mime costumes and accessories so you can become a genuine artist. No talking allowed!

Our classic mime costumes are available for men and women. Browse several options for him that include striped t-shirts, gloves, suspenders and a cap. And for her, we have options that come with a t-shirt, skirt and cap. Consider adding some red suspenders for a stylish look. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume, try our killer mime costume and add a terrifying white mask or some scary makeup to complete your look. Also, these second skin mime costumes are super comfortable and original. Your body will be doing all of the communicating, and with this costume, you’ll be able to gesticulate perfectly.