The Jungle Book Costumes

The Jungle Book is a story we’ve come to know and love through books and movies. Become one of the story’s main characters with our Jungle Book costumes. Find the perfect monkey, bear, gorilla or wolf costume so you can be one of Mowgli’s jungle friends. We’ve selected a wide variety of the Jungle Book animal costumes so you can become Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan or Akela. We’ve also added many more species so that you can put together a great group costume with other jungle animals. Find the perfect animal costume for children and adults. Choose an adorable monkey costume for a baby or a cute wolf costume for a boy. They’ll be more huggable than scary! Get your Jungle Book fancy dress costume and create your very own jungle with friends or family. There are endless options to choose from!

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Ooooobee doo, I wanna be like you…! You'll be a cute wild animal with these Jungle Book costumes.

One of the best known versions of this story is Disney’s film, which premiered in 1967. It was the first animated film to come out after Walt Disney’s death, who died during its production. The Jungle Book costumes transport us to a fun jungle in which tigers, bears, wolves, snakes and elephants coexist. Children will find plenty of jungle animal costumes, like our elephant, monkey or not-ferocious-at-all wolf costumes for babies. Women will love our sexy tigress or ferocious wolf costumes, and men can become banana-eating monkeys, true werewolves, or go piggyback on a gorilla with these Ride On costumes.