Lifeguard costumes

The Carnival is getting closer and you don't know what to wear? How about making an slow-mo entrance with a lifeguard costume, David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson style. We are sure you will surprise everyone with our Baywatch costumes. We have the ideal lifeguard costume for the beach party you have been invited to. They're not simply just swimming costumes, they are authentic lifeguard costumes for women or men, perfect to save the life of anyone that needs a "mouth to mouth" during the party. We've got it all covered! We even have life-preserver lifeguard floats to go with your costume this Carnival. If you want a truly fun costume, our lifeguard costume with messy hair will be the perfect candidate for a bachelor party for your friend as it shows off all the right places for you to not go unnoticed. Start your engines because here come the waves!
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