Wolf Costumes for Children and Adults

You can now become the ferocious wolf from your favorite childhood story with these wolf costumes. You’ll find plenty of options for children and adults. Our catalog also includes wicked wolf costumes, perfect for a Halloween party, or ferocious wolf costumes for women. And the fierce little ones will look adorable in their wolf costumes for children. If you’d rather not go all out, we offer super warm and comfy wolf sweatshirts and hoodies, perfect for a themed party or Carnival, just like all of our other costumes. Storybook fans will love these wolf fancy dress costumes. They’ll look perfect paired with Little Red Riding Hood or Grandma costumes. And for those who love a fun time, we offer a hilarious ferocious-wolf-kidnapping-Little-Red-Riding-Hood Ride On Costume. Be both at the same time!

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Become an adorable and wild animal all at once with our wolf costumes

Costumes for Carnival or Halloween, for a themed party or birthday party…or just because! You’ll look splendid in these wolf costumes…and they’re also super comfortable to wear. Our wolf costumes for children will help them become the scariest – or cutest – little animals. Or, become a special family of wolves for the next group costume. At Funidelia, we offer an extensive catalog of wolf fancy dress costumes so you can find the one you feel most comfortable in: scary, sweet or story-like.