Strongman Costumes

Your strongman costume is perfect for taking your muscles out for a stroll. Show off your amazing abs and biceps in this muscular costume. Have you been invited to a circus-themed party? These muscly costumes will be a hit! In our online catalog you’ll find all different types of muscular costumes so you can be the strongest one at the Carnival or party. Inflatable, padded and hyperrealistic t-shirts available. Complete your look with an accessory that will make you look even stronger. Check out our inflatable 1,20-meter weight bar that you’ll be able to lift with no effort at all. It’ll help you look the part! Choose your favorite strongman fancy dress costume and stick your chest out in front of your friends. Use all of that muscle power to enjoy the party!

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These strongman costumes will give you the best biceps and abs. You'll be the strongest one at the party!

Explore our online store and find the perfect strongman costume. You’ll have lots of fun in our full inflatable muscular bodysuit or our classic muscly strongman costume, formerly seen in circuses. Another fun way to be a strongman is putting on a muscly padded t-shirt and showing off your muscles. You’ll also find t-shirt options with no padding that enhance your abs and biceps. What a body! Also find muscular body costumes to turn boys into tough strongmen.