Scarecrow Costumes

Scarecrows are made out of hay and resemble human beings. They’re used in the fields so birds don’t ruin the crops. With these scarecrow costumes, you can become one and complete your friends’ Wizard of Oz costumes. The Wizard of Oz scarecrow isn’t that scary at all. He has no brain, so when Dorothy finds him, they decide to go on a magical trip to find the brain he so desperately needs. Together, they travel the world of Oz, accompanied by the lion and the tin man. Will they finally find what they’re looking for? We don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to find out what happens on your own! In the meantime, pay tribute to this wonderful story in one of these scarecrow costumes, available for children and adults, in classic and scarier versions.

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Young and old will love these scarecrow costumes. Find the perfect one!

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy finds the scarecrow tied to a stake in the middle of a cornfield. He hasn’t moved for years and wants to find a brain that will help him think. We make it easy on you so you don’t have a hard time thinking it through. Instead, just start having fun in your scarecrow costume. Find an adorable version for babies and other styles for children. Men might prefer our gloomy scarecrow costume with a horrifying matching mask for Halloween. Or, go for a complete classic version that includes a stake. And, women will look spectacular in this happy scarecrow costume that comes with a dress and hat.