Boxer Costumes

Become the king of the ring in these boxer costumes. No fighting will be required when you jump into the ring, all you have to do is relax and have a blast at the next Carnival or costume party. We’ve selected a wide variety of boxer costumes for men and women. Also, find some very special accessories like inflatable gloves, Rocky Balboa’s boxing shorts, or Apollo Creed’s mask, also a character in the Rocky saga. And, if you become the champ, you’ll be able to add a heavy weight title belt to your boxer costume.

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Fists up! Gather your strength, put your boxer costume on… and let the party begin!

If you’re looking for the ideal boxer costume, we have several options for you. Take a look at our king of the ring costume that includes a robe, t-shirt, gloves and pants. Or, try our boxer champion costume that comes with a muscular torso, robe, belt, pants and gloves. You’ll also find a Mexican king of the ring costume, made up of a cape, shorts and mask. Ladies will love our sexy boxer costumes in black or pink. And children will look like hefty fighters in these boxer costumes for children. Also find boxing shorts, gloves and all of the necessary accessories for your costume.