50s: Rock & Roll Wigs

We’ve travelled into the past Marty McFly style to bring you the best 50s style wigs, so you can impersonate your favourite characters from this wonderful decade of illustrious people. With these wigs you can finish off any 50s costume and become the marvellous Marilyn Monroe or the dynamic Elvis Presley for a day. Have fun at your next costume party in pure American high school style, dancing and singing like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from Grease, or turn up as a rocker with our rock and roll wigs - find them all in our online shop. These wigs are perfect for dressing up for carnival, Halloween, or for hosting a small theme party with your friends, so you can enjoy an evening that’s more fun than a car race under a bridge. And if you want to be noticed at your next rock concert, put on one of these wigs that’ll turn you into the “King of Rock and Roll” himself, with the Elvis wig featuring his impressive hairstyle. These 50s wigs are perfect for combining with whatever costume you have, whether you go for brown hair, blonde, curly hair, straight hair, long or short. Have fun at your next party while wearing the coolest 1950s looks. Dance to the rhythm of rock and roll, or sing “Happy Birthday” in Marilyn Monroe style.

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