50s: Rock & Roll Accessories

Rock and Roll has arrived at Funidelia with these incredible 1950s accessories. A decade of music and hair gel. Let the Pink Ladies pin-up style and Elvis’ quiff and sideburns take over. Thanks to this collection of 50s accessories, you can add a definitive and distinguished touch to any 50s costume. From glasses with sparkles and bows, to extravagant handbags, to Elvis style sunglasses, and fishnet tights. Pink, pearls and polka dots are essential for any feminine 50s look, and here you’ll find jackets, sunglasses, headscarves and earrings featuring the most fashionable prints of the era. And so you’re always looking perfect, don’t forget to comb your hair just like John Travolta does in Grease.  You’ll also find 50s style wigs, so you can impersonate two of the most famous celebrities of the time, Elvis or Marilyn Monroe.

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