Wolf Masks

Are you a fan of werewolf stories? Has the moon always been your greatest ally? Have you ever tried to gain the power of becoming a werewolf through black magic or spells? We hope you’ve never tested the ways the legends tell us that humans can become werewolves, we’d prefer you used a werewolf mask to complete your terrifying transformation, so you don’t need to cast a spell in the light of the full moon. These werewolf masks are perfect for completing your werewolf costume, especially at Halloween. Werewolves are one of the terrifying characters that come to life on the night of the living dead, October 31st each year. Our wolf masks will bring out your ferocious side, as well as loads of fur, large ears, and some terrifying fangs. Choose between our most terrifying, surreal, or realistic masks - we’ll leave it up to you. But whatever your decision, we’re sure you’ll manage to scare all your friends and no vampire will dare come close. Put on one of our wolf masks and become the next scariest werewolf ever.

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