The Lion King Merchandise

Is your little one’s greatest wish to sing “Hakuna Matata” with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa? Now you can with an incredible gift from our Lion King merchandise, so they can feel closer to their favourite characters. Discover our product catalogue and choose the best Lion King gift for your kids, or for any adult that loves this fantastic film. We’ve got Simba hats and t-shirts for adults and kids, as well as a complete collection of The Lion King Funko Pop! It has all the characters from The Lion King, from both the classic animated film and the latest “live action” version: Simba Funkos, Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki Funkos... If you’re crazy about Disney, you’ll love our Disney merchandise. You’ll find all the official products of your favourite childhood characters, that you and your kids will love. We’ve got backpacks, Funkos, t-shirts, and many more Disney princess and villains products. From the classic films to the most recent Pixar hits - everything you can imagine! Re-live the adventures of our beloved Simba and his friends. Hakuna Matata! Have “no worries for the rest of your days” with our Lion King merchandise!
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