Harry Potter Pens

If you want to write your spells down like a good wizard and take notes in your Defence against the Dark Arts or Potions class, take a look at our Harry Potter Pens. Pick your favourite pen and get ready to take note of everything! We’ve got pens for each Hogwarts house. The Gryffindor lion, the Hufflepuff badger, the Ravenclaw eagle or the Slytherin snake will come with you wherever you write. You can also find pen holders with the corresponding crests. We’ve even got Harry Potter pens shaped like wands or flying broomsticks! But to write you’ll also need some paper... How about some matching paper to go with your pen or quill? Discover Harry Potter notebooks, perfect for turning you into the star pupil of any teacher. We’ve got loads of school supplies, like these Harry Potter backpacks, so your return to Hogwarts feels a bit more bearable.  Take note with these Harry Potter pens! The only place can you find the greatest selection of Harry Potter merchandise is here at Funidelia!

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