Game of Thrones Board Games: Risk, Monopoly and Cluedo

Do you love spending hours playing board games with friends? Are you always up for playing Risk? Do you spend all your Monopoly games stuck in jail? Discover our Game of Thrones board games. We’ve got Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo; all your favourite games but set in the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones Risk includes a map of Westeros board and can be played with up to 5 people. Conquer the Seven Kingdoms and win the Iron Throne! Play Game of Thrones Monopoly with up to 6 players. It includes 28 Title Deed Cards that you can use to build villages and towers in order to take control of Westeros, 16 "Valar Morghulis” and “Iron Throne” cards, and the currency is Gold Dragons. Will you be able to take control of the Iron Bank? If you love board games full of suspense and mystery, then this Game of Thrones Cluedo is made for you. Two boards with different mysteries and 12 characters who've committed crimes using typical weapons from Westeros. Find out who killed the king or queen of the Iron Throne... Enjoy hours of fun with these Game of Thrones board games! Why not make the game a bit more exciting - whoever wins gets some of our amazing Game of Thrones products! Find them all here at Funidelia. The best prize for any fan of the series!

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