Christmas Costumes for Kids and Adults

This Christmas give costumes! Enjoy a fun Christmas with these original gifts and costumes! If you’ve always wanted to be one of Santa’s elves, or if you never landed the Virgin Mary role in school or if what you’re looking for is a fun accessory for a New Year Eve’s party…you’ll find what you need at Funidelia. We have the best Santa Claus costumes, the most original Christmas headwear and the right costume for each Nativity scene character – Mary, Joseph and the three kings. We also offer the best Christmas gift ideas this season. Find your little one’s favorite costumes (superheroes, princesses, cartoon or movie characters) or an original geeky gift for your partner, your friends or yourself, because you’re worth it! T-shirts, mugs, Funko Pop figures and a lot more from the best known licenses: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC Comic, Rick & Morty, Minecraft, Mario Bros…. We have it all! Make your next Christmas wish….and Funidelia will make it happen!
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